About BWB

Hi Brick Wall Boutique shoppers,

My name is Kara Kush and I am the owner of the always "Good Vibes and Great Fashion, Brick Wall Boutique" This cute little boutique that you so happen to be shopping online, is located and operated in the heart of historic downtown Mariposa, California, right outside the B-E-A-U-tiful Yosemite National Park and I am here to tell you a little about the Brick Wall Boutique...

A little about Mariposa from my eyes...

Established in 1850 Mariposa, Ca was a gold rush town where many people migrated and settled down in search for gold and a better way of life. 160+ years later, Mariposa is a fairly small town where yes, indeed everyone does know your name. Not much mining occurs now other than some die hard hobbies and a few gold fever victims from time to time.

 In the Autumn and Winter months, we are a quiet, sleepy little town tucked in the hills of the Sierra Nevada's where we don't get much action other than a few snow falls each year and a Friday night high school football game to keep us young at heart. 

 It is quite the opposite in the Spring and Summer months. As a tourism based town right outside the Hwy 140, West entrance to the National Park, we see and cater to millions of vacationers on the quest for the deep valley, high mountain tops, and the breath taking views of Yosemite. This little old town turns into a booming, festival having, music playing, hopping town where the travelers escape to the mountains. 

Back to business...

A little over 4 year ago, February 13, 2013 to be exact, the Brick Wall Boutique was officially operating, but not yet as the Brick Wall Boutique. Back then it was a little boutique located inside my friend's full service salon, Simplicity Salon. Here, I worked alongside a few of my very close friends as they did hair, nails, and aesthetician work and I offered massage therapy, airbrush tan, tanning bed, and red light bed services. It was only about 150-200 square ft. but Simplicity was the foundation to start Brick Wall Boutique, and like many good things, they grow into even better things. 

About 3 years later word got to me that a space was opening up on main street in the historical part of town, so I jumped! I jumped and jumped and was knocking on the doors of the tenant that was still in the building asking them, “When are you getting out, are you out yet, when can I have the keys?” Because to me, this wasn't just a great building, in a great location, with great foot traffic. This building is my family, this building is why I am who I am and why I do what I do now. This building is my history. This building is me. 

You see, I grew up in this town. My parents migrated here in the early 80's for work, and when they decided to settle down to have my brother and I, they opened a retail trading post in downtown Mariposa where they sold Native American art, artifacts, jewelry, and Yosemite souvenirs. This building is where I now have Brick Wall Boutique. It is the same building that I walked into every day after school and many weekends of my adolescence years. The same building where I learned customer service, how to handle money, and all the operations of a retail store. We even use the same sales counter my parents used over 20 years ago when they ran their store. So I jumped on the building.

Jumping Forward...

Now, a little over a year later of opening the doors of BWB, we are so excited to be launching brickwallboutique.com. Myself, along with a great team that I've been gathering along the way, have been working hard on growing our unique, eclectic inventory, growing our customer base from around the world and making our goal to provide you the same quality service you get in the boutique, only right at your fingertips, in the comfort of... well, wherever you may be. So get out there, start shopping and always remember;

"Good vibes and great fashion" are found at the Brick Wall Boutique

Peace and good vibes,

Kara Kush