Natural Art by Jackie Baxton

From the artist Jackie Baxton:

The work that I create is a reflection of mythos, not knowing ones own past and the observations of the world that I live in. My work helps me navigate through dream states and a very small known ancestry past. Mythology is how people tell their peoples stories and I am creating my own mythos. My inspiration comes form Native American stories, the American frontier in the iconic Western movies, the actual history of the combination of these two groups meeting, and being  in the natural world. I convey these stories through taxidermy, wood burnings, casting and using found objects. Nature is my greatest inspiration. I grew up on William S Hart land in southern California. I now live on a ranch working and making art. Horse back riding, camping, and going to National parks helps me create art. With out those experiences I wouldn't create the art that I do. I started hunting about a year ago which ables me to be in nature and lets me see more of the world that inspires me.

Jackie specializes in photography, sculpture, taxidermy, casting, jewelry, masks, wood buring and gourd work. 


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