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A Quartz crystal is the purest most abundant mineral on earth and is much like Cannabidiol (CBD) which is the most abundant cannabinoid of the hemp plant. There are many different cannabinoids like there are many different crystals, all hold healing compounds and energies. We are a small holistic California based company passionate in using cannabidiol and full spectrum CBD oil as natural remedies to feel relief from pain and anxiety. Our research on the uses and effects of the cannabinoid rich hemp plant extract has lead us to our carefully designed formulas that effectively deliver CBD.

We are 100% female operated and believe self-care is a vital ingredient in our health. Therefore we bring to you products that make you feel nice inside and out.

Our brand was established organically in 2016 with a mix of Quartz crystal energies and Cannabidiol which created our first masterpiece, the CBD Bath Bomb. There is something about a bath bomb that makes you feel like luxury. Quartz Trading Co. CBD bath bombs have molded the self-care bath rituals and provide relief to so many. Bath time has never been the same again!

Our research is continuous and our online CBD store continues to grow to ensure our customers have the most up to date options available for their CBD oil use. We strive to bring consistent quality, knowledge, and education to our community. There is compassion for every single one of you and we put our heart and soul into each and every product we create. Quartz is here to help!

We believe Cannabidiol should and can be part of your daily regimen just like exercise and healthy eating. Our goal is to provide pure CBD rich products for an affordable price to those who are in need and to promote a happy and healthy lifestyle.
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