DEVIL-DOG Dungarees

In 1927, Louis Rosenstock founded General Sportwear, a small apparel manufacturer based in Ellenville, New York. During those modest beginnings, Louis endeavored to build a company with a solid foundation that reflected his personal values: tradition, integrity and vision.

On January 5, 1948, Louis launched DEVIL-DOG Dungarees, which were said to be, “Tough as a Marine!” as a result of their strength and durability. Having proudly served as a member of the Army of the United States from 1917-1918, Louis chose the name DEVIL-DOG in honor of the marines and all of the armed forces that fought so bravely for our country.

Today, General Sportwear is proud to reintroduce our legacy brand, and in keeping with our company’s original principles, DEVIL-DOG offers the best quality jeans at a great value. Available in an array of vintage washes, DEVIL-DOG still holds the insignia of the past, with the double D cording stitch, iconic trim, and signature bandana print pocketing, while being made in our company-owned modern factories with the latest performance denim.

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