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The Pathos Yosemite Sticker Pack

The Pathos Yosemite Sticker Pack

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  • The Pathos Yosemite Sticker Pack
  • Yosemite themed Stick Pack
  • Made in Mariposa
  • Art by Mariposa, Ca local artist
  • Curated by PATHOS Screen Printing
  • 5 Stickers Included
    • Panorama & Tunnel View by Autumn >>> "I like painting 'plain air' in my home in Yosemite Valley, taking my inspiration from the natural world around me. I use various medium, but like to focus on pen and ink, as well as watercolor.
    • Firefall & Night Walk by Sienna >>> "I'm a student at MCHS and serve as an officer of the Mariposa FFA chapter. I discovered my love of drawing and other crafts six years ago when my Mom bought me a sketchbook. Ever since then I've been painting, drawing, making jewelry, and even painting on pennies!"
    • Dome Light by Justus >>> "I'm 16 and attend MCHS. I've been doing art since I was really little and enjoy using all mediums. I have more recently began using digital art as you will see in my stickers. I hope you enjoy!"