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The Hemlock Money Clip Wallet

The Hemlock Money Clip Wallet

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  • The Hemlock Money Clip Wallet
  • Offers a functional design for the modern, card wallet connoisseur
  • It is a slim, yet sturdy wallet that will also fit perfect in your front pocket.
  • It is constructed from 4oz. Horween Dublin leather and has three card pockets
  • Two pockets on the front with a third hidden pocket, and a money clip for your cash
  • Each wallet comes with your choice of brass or stainless steel money clip.
  • Each wallet is hand stitched with the world famous Ritza 25 thread, so you know it will last
  • Each wallet also has the signature Pine Top logo etched into the leather.
  • Dimensions are 4" x 3"
  • Made by Pinetop Brand