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Black with Black Leather Fringe

Black with Black Leather Fringe "Penelope" Bag

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The "Penelope" bag by Old Hippie is a more decorative leather bag with an open inside pocket, a small front pocket as well as a deep pocket on the back of the bag. All bags have braided adjustable shoulder straps, more fringe detail and colored bead detail.
  • This bag features black with black leather fringe stitching

All bags are handmade. Your piece may briefly have dandruff (small flakes of leather that come off on your clothing). They will work their way out after a few wearings. If your piece has fringe you should "comb" it with your fingers, held like a curling iron, pulling downward tightly to groom them. When they are dirty a damp blot is the best way to clean them. If the bag gets wet try not to wear it. Let it dry slowly, but do not leave it in the sun too long as it will fade.

For more information on the creation of Old Hippie check out the full collection here: