Jimmi wZ Bags

Jimmi wZ  Bags are custom designed, one of a kind creations utilizing the finest leathers available from around the world. Each individual piece is hand cut, hand punched, and hand stitched  as well as the particular care given to every string of lace and antler, bone or stone that is used for these original works of art. Choice buffalo, elk, and deer, as well as alligator, moose and steer hide are carefully chosen for their color, texture and softness with special attention to durability.

Jimmi wZ bags are approaching their third decade of evolution. Having begun on the banks of the Tennessee River along the ancient Indian trail of The Natchez Trace from the lessons of a magical medicine man passed down during long nights around the open campfire. Equipped with a small handful of primitive tools and a trunk full of leather, Jimmi wZ was able to create his works almost anywhere with much time spent in the deep wilderness. On these serene mountain tops or lone desert settings his work took on the feeling of the environment and reflected the intentions of the artist, which was to be close to nature and to respect the land and animals by utilizing all parts with reverence to the ancient ways. Finding his own style, Jimmi wZ caught the attention and has worked with top designers of Los Angeles, New York and Paris for more than 20 years. Working out of his studio on Florida’s Emerald Coast with a small group of trusted craftsmen, Jimmi wZ continues to develop and reinvent the art of leather working.

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